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Located in Montpellier, France, le Studio des Aviateurs offers you 3 Control rooms.
Studio A is equipped for 5.1 or 2.1 edit and mix, Studio B is equipped for 5.1 edit and mix, and Studio C is equipped for 2.1 edit and mix. 2 Additionals rooms are dedicated for music or voice recording.

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September 8: Esma Jury in front of an audience of professionals from all over the world.
27 films, including recording, sound editing and mixing, were provided by the Studio des Aviateurs.
Thank you to the studio team for their wonderful work!

Guilhem Favard

Sebastien Fournier

Baptist Leblanc

Tristan LeBozec

Mickael Merrheim

Yoann Poncet

Jose Vicente

And, of course, to ESMA, for its trust

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Published on 09/17/2022 at 08:45

A voice-over work on a realization of the Brainchild studio.
Voice: Juliette Cayatte

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Published on 05/28/2022 at 14:03

26 animation films recorded, edited and mixed at the Studio des Aviateurs.

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Thanks to Guilhem Favard, Sébastien Fournier, Baptiste Leblanc, Tristan Le Bozec, Yoann Poncet for their competence, their talent and their good humor.
Is it going again for a 2022 promo full of surprises

José Vicente

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Published on 09/10/2021 at 21:22

"Sauve qui pneu"
a movie from ESMA 2020
staff is online !

Réalisateurs - Directors : Amaury Bretnacher, Chloé Carrère, Théo Huguet, Léia Jutteau, Louis Martin, Charlie Pradeau, Mingrui Zhuang

Musique originale - Original score : José Vicente Interprétée par - Performed by : The Salomon Toledano Orchestra

Sound design, montage : José Vicente, Sébastien Fournier Tristan Le Bozec- Studio des Aviateurs

Mixage surround : Yoann Poncet- Studio des Aviateurs © École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques - Toulouse 2020

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Published on 06/10/2021 at 19:49